Small Beginner's


20 children aged 3-6 years old

Preschool's Vision:

The vision is to provide all young children in our care with a high quality, independent learning experience in a safe and hygienic building with trained teachers who implement age-specific programs in an organisation that implements quality management practices.

Principal's story:

I worked at Southern Cross hospital, running my own little crèche. I did that for a while and then I was approached by the matron to aupair for her. I was out of work then, but couldn’t see myself NOT working with children. Shortly after I found out my son had a learning disability. I took him for O.T. and learnt a lot about how to work with special needs children. I started working again and ran into some family difficulties, deciding to resign. I enrolled to study further and in 2016 I started my own ECD centre.

Children need to have a safe, reliable place where they can come everyday. While they are with me they can be children, free to practice being independent. I wake up every morning with the idea in my head that I’m going to teach my children something new that day.

How to help:


We need fundraising champions. Get creative – run a marathon on your front yard, host a virtual high tea, do something amazing and encourage your friends and family to change the world through early learning.

We rely on volunteers to lend a helping hand when teachers are off sick. To work in the classroom you need an up-to-date security check.

Donate something from our wishlist:

Vegetable seeds and seedlings for our food garden


A new classroom building (Nutec)