Two Oceans Marathon 2020





to support the training & empowerment

of teachers & parents to be better educators,

leaders & role-models for our children.

Your entry will provide an equal opportunity for an ECD teacher or unemployed parent to run the Two Oceans Half Marathon giving them a sense of achievement, building self-confidence and equipping them to be a better role model to their children.

April 11, 2020 - Cape Town

You can apply to run on Team Learning in Reach here:

Entry Requirements:
1) Pay a R670 in order to secure your race number for Two Oceans Half Marathon. 
2) Raise an additional R1670 (minimum) by Race Day. Learning in Reach will assist by sharing a #PowerOf67 fundraising pack with online tools to assist you to meet your target.
3) OPTIONAL: Meet the ultimate challenge and raise R6700 to fund a bursary partnership, enabling a child to attend a year of ECD Schooling!

Funds raised will go towards delivering teacher and parent training programs to support the holistic development of young children in the most critical years of brain development, setting them up for life!

Why you should run for Learning in Reach:
• A Guaranteed half marathon entry!
• Your entry will provide an equal opportunity for an ECD teacher or unemployed parent in Lavender Hill to run the Two Oceans Half Marathon giving them a sense of achievement, building self-confidence and equipping them to be a better role model to their young children.
• Team Learning in Reach runners will each receive a specially designed Learning in Reach running shirt and goodie bag with awesome sponsored fitness goodies.

• You are invited to connect with beneficiaries through regular team outruns scheduled in the run-up to the race.
• Follow the community’s journeys on our social media as they build their self-confidence and are motivated to achieve more than they imagined possible.
• We’ll offer you lots of fundraising advice, support and tips on how to confidently ask for support and supply you with a standard appeal letter that you can use to encourage family, friends and colleagues to support you.
• You don’t have to handle any money directly.
• Most importantly the personal satisfaction of running and the knowledge that your race has made a big difference in the holistic education of young children through teacher and parent training and development!

Bank details:
Account name: Learning In Reach NPC
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Branch number: 250 655
Account number: 62614116904
Ref: TOM20 [Your email]

Please email proof of payment to

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Leanne on 076 401 8503 

We hope to welcome you to the team. Limited spaces are available!


Name: Olivia Carelse

Age: 29 years old ECD teacher and single mom to 4year old boy

I was unfit, overweight and uncomfortable in my own body. Although I only weighed 76.4kg, I needed to do something about it. A colleague of mine introduced me to #MamaOnTheMove with Learning in Reach and since I started… my oh my… I am so grateful and blessed to have come across such amazing and wonderful ladies who know what they want and who support one another especially during the races and exercises. I have become more confident. I’ve gained back my own body back, 4 years after having my son. I feel and look good. Yeah! My journey thus far hasn’t been easy, it’s been full of challenges and, being a mom and nursery teacher, I had to make many sacrifices. I had to give up some time with my son which was the saddest for me, but I can’t complain because hard work pays off! I’ve got a vision here son. Yeah! Every race or practice run, I run with a positive mind-set, motivating myself going uphill… Olivia you can do this…If you want to see change, be the change, make a change… I have enjoyed each and every session, I felt like giving up once or twice but couldn’t because I knew why I was doing it. I want to make myself, my son and the mamas proud! I can truly say, by the grace of God, I have gained self-confidence and beauty by running, exercising and stretching. I am super happy and proud of myself. Still got lots to do though… I am confidently and patiently waiting on the big day.. 20th April. I know I can do this, there is a victory to be won! Mama’s on the move, you rock baby! Thank you so, so much for this opportunity!

Name: Belinda Aspeling

Age: 56 ECD teacher, Mother and Grandmother

When I heard about Learning in Reach’s Two Ocean’s challenge, I wanted to join to keep fit. I have gained more self-esteem and will power, persistence to keep going and stay focused. I feel very motivated. I am encouraged to set goals for myself and to not give up on the things I want in life. I am nervous and excited at the same time about running my first half marathon this month. In the beginning I would say it was very tough for me, I had a lot of aches and pains but I persevered, I stayed committed and continued what I started. The training has done me good. Although I did not want to lose weight, I have lost it in all the right places. I gradually came off chocolates, cake and chips which I was a great lover of and the best part for me was keeping fit. I would love to continue with training if I can after the Two Oceans.

Name: Sharne Amber Maritz

Age: 18 Yrs, Youth

I signed up for this program because I felt it would benefit me with my future career. When I first started I was a shy person. I had a dream to become a fire fighter but I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. I was physically weak, shy and had a lack of resources. I was lost about my future. The first day I was asked what do I want to achieve by taking part in this program? My words were soft and unclear….’I would like to become a fire fighter’. As weeks passed I became stronger, emotionally and physically. I discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed. I learnt a lot from everyone on the team…love, strength, endurance and friendship. At times I wanted to give up but my team inspired and mentored me and for that I am very grateful. I feel amazing and good about myself. I am sure about my future and who I am. I am really excited about running the half marathon on 20 April, and a little nervous . I have become fitter, my work ethic has improved a lot and I am breathing easier. My journey over the last three months has made me a more positive, brave and focused person.