Sweet Celebrations Birthday Campaign

We are on a mission to spread smiles through our birthday celebrations campaign. Through our birthday Campaign, all the children on our ECD scholarship program gets specially crafted cakes for their birthday. These sweet delights aren’t just treats; it serves as a symbol of hope love and celebration.

Join the Sweet Celebration Movement

How can you help?

  1. Bake a cake or cupcakes for a child’s birthday
  2. Be part of creating extraordinary memories
  3. Spread the love and joy through your confectionary creations


Express your interest and be part of something sweet!

Sign up to bake here:

Invest in the child, not the institution

We celebrate more than just the birthday; we invest in the unique stories of individual children. Sweet delights are not mere treats; they serve as powerful symbols of hope, love and personal triumphs. Our focus is on going beyond the ordinary, redefining celebrations as opportunities to invest in the essence of each child. Discover the heartwarming stories behind each celebration and be a part of something extraordinary – where birthdays become milestones of growth, connection, and love.