Founded on a co-design workshop within the community, our Lavender Hill ECD & socio-economic co-op is:

Community Driven

In the community, for the community. The project leader and driver for the delivery of the school will be the teacher or parent who wants a Learning in Reach centre in their community. They are invited to take ownership once the teachers have all completed their training, and the project is financially self-sustaining. There will always be continued support and evaluation.


The blueprint is geared toward ownership and responsibility at all levels. These are core principles as it ensures community pride, engagement and therefore drives the sustainability.  It continues through to micro-level as it encourages children to go home to continued support and understanding, and parents feeling more equipped and engaged in their children’s opportunities and their own power in facilitating that.


The first unit will be in Lavender Hill and driven by a teacher, aiming to start her own school. The plot has been identified and the process started. In close proximity is a food garden and open space that will be utilised by the out-of-work or part-time-working parents as a co-operative helping them contribute to the educational costs through their efforts, no longer distant and short term hand outs.


Extensive training, mentorship and resources will ensure the delivery of a high standard of education bridging the gap between marginalised communities and higher income groups. Learning In Reach operates across both ends of the economic spectrum and this serves as a benchmark for education excellence as well as equality.