The Learning In Reach Bursary Fund is intended to improve racial diversity at established Montessori schools and to assist children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to overcome the economic barriers of attaining a quality education.

The families do however, have to work hand in hand with the selected school and adopt the Montessori practices in the home environment too. Their understanding of holistic education and philosophy as well as commitment to the school is imperative.

New parents participate in a Parenting Workshops prior to starting their child at at a Montessori School in order to understand the founding principles of empowered learning. This is both in the interests of the child regarding their need for consistent guidance, but also in the interests of the parents to prepare them to foster the curiosity and intelligence of their own child.

Sponsorship could be in the form of full financial support for the annual fees or on a sliding scale according to the parents combined salaries.

The sponsorship needs to cover three years in the preschool programme or seven years in the primary programme.


  • For preschool sponsorship, the child needs to turns three before April or is three years of age in the first year of attending the school
  • For primary sponsorship
    • the child would have had to have attended a Montessori preschool as a pre-requisite and met the entry requirements for the school
    • the child should be proficient in the language of instruction of the school selected
  • Combined family income of less than R150 000 per annum
  • The applicant has to be a South African citizen
  • Certified copies of all required documentation
  • The family will need to be involved in parent projects within the school
  • The ratio of boys to girls will be taken into consideration
  • Sponsorship is limited to private funding availability


  • All applications must be made in writing on the prescribed application forms together with documentary proof requested to be attached thereto (Application forms can be requested by e-mail to
  • Applications will be accepted from 1 February of the year prior to that for which application is made
  • By 24 June of that year all applicants for preschool and year 1 primary will be notified as to the success or otherwise of their application
  • All available spaces for year 2 – 7 in the primary class will be filled in the 4th term of the year prior to admission
  • Applicants will be shortlisted based on financial need and invited for interviews
  • Once the sponsorship is awarded, the child’s custodian will sign a Memorandum of Agreement.

*This policy has been updated on 15 February 2016, and replaces all previous admission policies.


1 April annually.


For any bursary queries, please email: