International Peace Day (21 September) is about individuals coming together – it’s about reducing all forms of violence: in our homes, schools, places of work and local communities. Peace starts with individual action, and small actions inspire others thereby creating larger impact. Peace Day is an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and our role as individuals and organisations in bringing Lavender Hill Together In Peace.

In an area fraught with violence and social issues, Learning In Reach, together with the community of Lavender Hill want to demonstrate, communicate and activate Peace in Lavender Hill.

We invite all persons and organisations living, working or interested in supporting Lavender Hill
to open the dialogue around our individual and organisational roles in building a more
peaceful community where our children can thrive.

We invite you to take part in two events to be held Monday 25 September to mark Peace Day 2017:

  • International Peace Day Forum
    • An engaging dialogue around the challenges faced by Lavender Hill and where individuals, families, religious organisations, NPOs and government can take action, support and assist change.
    • Our objective is to bring all NGOs and stakeholders in the Lavender Hill area together to identify opportunities for collaboration and improved support systems.
    • This forum will have a strong focus on the role of men in our community in creating a more peaceful environment for our children, the expectations placed on men and where they need support to step up as role models and changemakers in the community.
    • The forum is open to all persons and organisations living, working or interested in supporting Lavender Hill. We urge relevant stakeholders to attend and engage so we can find constructive ways to build a more peaceful community for our children.


– Let’s identify our own roles in creating a peaceful community where our children can thrive in safety.
– Let’s share the vision of Peace and the real life positive stories from the community.
– Let’s work together, setting aside personal agendas and egos to drive change and bring Peace to Lavender Hill.


  • Children and Youth Peace & Heritage Day Celebration
    • A fun day for the children of Lavender Hill with a host of activities to take part in, including Art, Storytelling and puppet shows, Theatre performances, Videography, Photography, Prayer for Peace, Soccer, Dance, Music and more.
    • Our objective is for children to be children in a safe space, threading the day together with educational messages of child safety and protection.



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Leanne Reid

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