Learning In Reach is a body of like-minded individuals with an interest in making South Africa succeed through education. We aim to empower the future generation with curiosity and a love of learning by ensuring education equality on the belief that this is the foundation for a stronger democracy.

Educational success extends beyond school hours, and school walls. We see the need for a major drive to engage parents and upskill them in order for them to better support the individual child. By offering solutions to the families of learners we aim to drive a shift in the community that drives hope and empowerment. ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ and we cannot disrupt the Early Childhood Development process without addressing the supporting structures, the main one being the child’s parents, as role models and leaders of these young children.


Our vision is a South Africa where our children have equal opportunities to quality foundation education. We have created a blueprint of an educational support structure that opens up true enjoyment and bubbling enthusiasm for learning whilst simultaneously spreading the opportunity for change to the broader community.


Learning In Reach is a holistic, turnkey solution for Corporate Social Investment and Government Partnering to challenge, disrupt, expand and evolve modus operandi of Early Childhood Development and Community Centres; to:

  • Build new or expand existing Early Childhood Development and Community Centres by creating purposefully designed, beautiful and inspiring spaces of learning supported by local economic hubs
  • Train and upskill teachers in dynamic teaching methodologies using Montessori principles with an internationally proven track record of outstanding results
  • Provide essential ECD learning resources, equipment and skill local community members to make and sell these to the broader ECD and parenting community/ecosystem
  • Support, guide and empower parents with training and socio-economic, co-operative opportunities
  • Provide hands-on learning for children between the ages of 3 years and 6 years from previously or currently disadvantaged communities in and around Cape Town
  • Provide alternative safe spaces and constructive learning projects for primary school children after school
  • Provide essential nutrition and basic health services to children and families attending the centres
  • Provide trauma counselling and support for the general school community, accelerating its endeavours to move forward to a more positive, self-sustaining lifestyle